RC Strasbourg

RC Strasbourg is a French association football club based in the City of Strabourg in Alsace, France. It was founded in 1906 by a group of youngsters with the help of their primary school teacher. It is also commonly known as RC Strasbourg, RCS, or simply Strasbourg.

RC Strasbourg has played more than 2000 games in France's top flights. They also participate in the 52 European games since 1961. On their entire battle in the world of football, RCS has won three major French trophies, namely: the Championship in 1979, The Coup de France in 1951, 1966, and 2001, and the Coup de la Ligue in 1997 and 2005. But despite its victories, Strasbourg failed to manage itself to become one of France's leading clubs. On its entire 75 years of professional play, they have changing managers for 52 times. Often, it was due to the pressure from the fans.